About Delicors


Delicors is a specialty retailer of luxury home bedding, cutlery and other home decor products. Our purpose is to fill your home with luxurious, modern products that fits you. Delicors is an Australian brand, committed to supporting and providing for the community, we see Australia as our home styling and creating for every day. We welcome all Delicor's members and new members who join our community and family.

Our Product range is expansive and built with passion and love. Our Team provide the highest quality products that make you excited to go to sleep. We value our customers, that’s why we provide free shipping as we understand the pain of paying a high shipping fee. Let us worry about shipping, not you.  



 We believe life should be more colorful than just black and white. That's why we try to make every single piece stylish in Delicors. We add colors and patterns on the accessories to make your home more sweet and creative. 



You do not need to spend a fortune for your sweet home. Our aim is to serve you with luxurious products on affordable price. 


Hassle free

Not happy with your item or any questions regarding your order? Our customer care team is always ready to help. Contact us on contact@delicors.com, one of our friendly team member will get back to you.