Winter Styling 2022 - The Tips and Tricks of the Trade!


The Latest in Winter Home Styling 2022

Winter has arrived, and it's got all of us shivering and cranking that heater all the way up. With these new, cold seasons, we're looking to transform our home into a warm and safe haven that will shield us from cold rainy nights and sharp winter breezes. Luckily for you, we've done our research and have compiled three easy pointers that will help you get started in creating the ultimate refuge from the Winter coldness right at home. With our selection of gorgeous home décor pieces, we will surely have your eyes in awe of what kind of home you can create with us. 


1. Embrace textures and shapes in your home design.

This year, rounded curves and soft edges have become an exciting home décor trend that has everyone drooling. Our brains and eyes are increasingly drawn to round and soft features, prompting us to associate these shapes with safety and calmness. This is especially necessary when creating a warm and safe ambience for you and your guests in the Winter nights. Take all of the stress and fear away with rounded furniture and home décor styles. 

Not only that, but enhance the effect of rounded furniture and home décor accessories with various textures and fabrics, such as boucle and knit. These soft textures and fabrics softens any kind of space and signals comfort in every way possible. That is what every house guest desires after a long and bitter day of coldness and gloominess! 

Our Pumpkin Boucle Cushion and Round Cushions are classic pieces that ring to us softness and calmness any day! 

Knit textures, like on our Snow White Cable Knit Cushion, especially puts our mind at ease and will exude the comfort you need at home to create a safe and warm haven during the Wintertime. 


2. Pay close attention to colour patterns and coordination!

Especially during the colder seasons, we recommend decorating your home with warmer tones for increased feelings of warmth and safety to ensure guests feel that they are right at home when they sit in your living room. It's an inviting feeling that encourages them to feel loved and seen by you. Comforting colours, such as mustard, yellow, ochre and pink tints, are simply warm hugs to your guests after cold seasons! Imagine that - all from a cohesive and warm colour palette! 

There are so many ways to paint warm colours within any living space - artworks, blankets, cushions, floral patterns, furnishings and interiors. 

The mustard, ochre colours from our Flower Dance Blanket is a must-have for this warm and inviting Winter look.

What about our Zebra Boucle Cushion? Surely the yellow and brown colours alongside its boucle fabric texture will have your eyes sparkling!


3. Invest in warmth.

Of course, you need to invest in thick and warm materials to keep you and your guests warm for any house event or night-in. Otherwise, how could you create a safe haven at home if you haven't got the right blankets and bedding?! 

We'll offer you some of our newest and bestselling blankets that will keep you warm during cold days. Try out our long-running, bestselling Retro Checkerboard Plus Blanket (which is on sale, by the way!) and its incredibly soft and stylish checkerboard pattern. It's colour choices make it the perfect choice for any kind of style you're aiming to achieve at home. 

Our newest Knitted Acrylic and Fleece Warm Blanket features two layers of acrylic and fleece materials on either side of the blanket, making it the perfect companion to keep you warm and comfortable all season long. 

What about our latest Snow White Cable Knit Blanket? It features a gorgeous cable knit pattern with knit material to keep you warm and safe all night long, and easily matches with our Snow White Cable Knit Cushion for the ultimate matching experience. 


What are you waiting for? The perfect haven for all things warm and comfortable is waiting for you - shop now!