Styling Softness - A Guide to Transforming Your Home with Cushions


Make Your Home Comfortable

If it hasn't been made any clearer in the past few years, our home is incredibly important for our mental health and our families. Styling our living space is increasingly integral for ourselves to unwind after a long and tiring day. Tidy space, tidy mind, right?

One of the best ways to keep your living space cosy is to dress it up with soft cushions. They're the best companions for any movie marathon, a book in hand, or for a necessary midday nap!

At Delicors, we have so many cushions in unique colours, shapes and sizes, and it can be quite overwhelming to choose what works best for you and your home. But have no fear, because we are here with a guide to help you pick out which cushions are best to style at home!


1. With The Kids At Home

Do you have a couple of kids scampering around at home? Cushions easily become a prize in your children's hands - pillow fights, napping, cuddling, and so much more! When you're looking for cushions at home, it's important to have a soft and cuddly cushion selection while being interactive for children to use and learn from.

In these cases, we wouldn't recommend cushions that have fabrics and patterns that can easily be pulled out. Instead, we'd recommend having fun-shaped cushions on your couch for your children to hug and be entertained by. Plus, they're a stylish and unique addition to your couch. Take our Daisy Cushions, Inside My Garden Cushions or our Pumpkin Cushions

Featuring incredibly special shapes and sizes, these cushions will have your kids energised just by looking at them!


2. Keeping It Cosy In the Office

Maybe you'd like to add a little bit of joy and comfort into your office space. If you're one to wear a business shirt on top and your pyjama pants on the bottom, you're someone who loves experiencing both comfort and class, and have no intentions of compromising either! We wouldn't want you to, either!

If that's the case, then you'll need to have a cushion that will get you through the nine to five while also giving you a little serotonin boost. Our Fragrant Flower Seat Cushion is a great addition for your office space - perfect for your seat and for any cuddling needs! 

Not only is it adorable, but it is also made with memory foam, offering you great pressure relief as well as back and neck relief when you're staring at your computer screen. It's a great investment piece for any kind of occasion and setting at home!


3. For All the Sweethearts In Your Life

Maybe you're looking for a gift that immediately spells out L-O-V-E for a significant other. Cushions with a unique pattern or fabric would easily make lovely gift ideas! To further sweeten the deal, gifting cushions with unique flourishes, such as pom poms and tassels, would just be the cherry on top.

Our Heart Eyes Acrylic Cushion has an adorable, subtle heart-shaped pattern woven across its body. Using acrylic fabric on its exterior, these cushions are incredibly soft and plush for your partner.

How about our Joyful Pom Pom Cushions? Also using an acrylic cover and incredibly vibrant colours, these cushions guarantee softness and comfort for your loved one!


What are you waiting for? Comfort awaits - shop our selection of cushions now!