Styling Colours: Seagreen

Styling the up and coming colour: seagreen

Forest green, emerald green, and now seagreen? Yes, these colours are taking the fashion and interior design industry by a storm, and for good reason! These colours stand the test of time and are an excellent addition to any home space. If you're a fan of green, stick around and check out our styling tips for such a colour! 


Start with the foundations: style seagreen as a base colour!

Foregrounding your decorating adventures at home with seagreen is an excellent first step to take. Whether that's as your wallpaper, bedding or cutlery, it'll bring both relaxation and refreshment to your home. 

To elevate your bedroom space, try our Classic Stripe Bedding Collection in seagreen. It's funky striped pattern alongside its deep and intense colour will bring electricity to your room.


All natural: style seagreen with earthly tones!

Seagreen paired with earthly tones at home is a timeless, rustic style that will have your guests in absolute awe. These colours include dark browns, oak, sand and much more! 

Even so, green pops more with fresh plants! Let your inner plant parent shine through with seagreen.


It's all in the details: style your home with seagreen interiors!

Seagreen interior pieces and products, such as pillows, blankets and towels, are another great way to elevate your home. It may seem like a small thing to do, but its gorgeous and timeless colour goes far beyond what you could ever imagine!

Take a look at our Checkered Plus Towel Collection and our newly added Wave Towel Collection!


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