How To Set The Table In Style With Your Favorite Dinnerware


Having dinner with your family and friends is always a moment to cherish. Be it a grand feast or a casual get-together, a myriad of memories are made on these occasions. Reminiscent of some of which must be floating in front of your eyes right now. You always put your best efforts to make these dinner moments with your loved o nes noteworthy. And it all starts with preparing palatable food keeping all the requirements and needs of your guests in mind. But is that enough? Well, no.

You must have heard of this saying- we eat food with our eyes first. So, your food should not only taste great but also look mesmerizing. A nicely presented food satisfies the visual hunger of your guests. And that’s why working hard for preparing tasty food coupled with a thoughtfully set table will do wonders for you. Now, are you wondering why setting a table is important? Well to answer this, here are some reasons why you should put your mind to set the table apart from preparing delicacies for your loved ones.  

  1. It shows the importance of people in your life for whom you’re putting extra effort.
  2. It influences the appearance of the food served.
  3. Sets the mood according to the cuisine
  4. Represents your etiquette and culture 
  5. Make any dinner special
  6. Finally, the most practical reason, It saves you from getting up from your seat to bring forgotten things- so makes things convenient

Formal Table Settings-

 felicitous table

For that extravagant holiday fiesta, the most felicitous table setting would be a formal setting. For this setting, your table would need your most loved and fanciest dinnerware that is waiting patiently in the cupboard for its turn. Or you can custom-build your own dining collection with an intricately designed rose garland dining collection ornated with handmade roses. 

formal table setting

The formal table setting for these special occasions requires dinnerware that includes chargers, dinner plates, soup bowls, salad plates, bread plates, napkins, salad forks, dinner forks, knives, soup spoons, butter knives, dessert spoons, water glasses, and lastly the glasses for other beverages. Yes, an array of utensils is required to make that celebration noteworthy.

Pro tip: Spread a beautiful tablecloth on the table. Unscented candles with some flowers would work best.

 Casual Table Settings-


Leveling down to more intimate family dinners or a date night with your special someone, you can surely go for a casual table setting. A dinnerware with more subtle art and colour would go a long way for such an occasion. You can always have the strawberries dining collection to add those subtle colors to your dinner time. It designs your tablescape with a hint of countryside flair.

casual table setting
For the casual table setting your table would need dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, napkins, forks, knives, water glasses, and surely, the glasses for other beverages, say, wine to compliment the moves of appetizing flavors dancing on your taste buds.

Pro Tip: You can place some fresh flowers with a light scent or no scent on the table for that exquisite look.    

Basic Table Settings-

basic table setting

The last table setting that we are going to discuss is the basic table setting. A simple setting you can use for your everyday dinners or at breakfast time. It is a kind of minimalist setting that require dinnerware with a modern feel, compliant colors, fewer detailings, and sophisticated designs. Simplistically designed paint pot matte plate collection has that modern touch that would be a therapeutic treatment leaving you elated at both dinner and breakfast time.

table brimming

Dreaming of a table brimming with dinner plates, dinner forks, dinner knives, water glasses, and spoons? With all these things to accompany you, imagining an enthralling mealtime either all by yourself or together with your lovely family every day becomes irrefutable.

And For Your Home Decōr 

Luscious food at a nicely set table is surely going to enhance your dinner time. but wouldn’t it be icing on the cake if your entire home would also get decorated with elegant and complimenting home decor? Of course, it is. Bring home the luxurious experience with Delicors’ timeless design home decor that suits your home styling aspiration. From dining to bathroom essentials, Delicors has a wide range of trendy and sophisticated homeware to harmonize with your unique vision.