About Delicors


Delicors is an Australian lifestyle brand offering a range of luxury home decor. Meticulous designs inspired from the core beauty of each culture and nature. Made for lovers of style and colours. Turn your house into a home with elegant lifestyle range from Delicors.

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Our Founder

In 2019, when Serena and her partner bought their new home in Melbourne, she wanted to furnish their home with style and elegance. They had travelled the world and found themselves continually inspired by their trips, she was looking to recreate that feeling but could not find the décor options to bring her vision for their home to life. Reaching out to her Australian peers, Serena soon realised that this was a sentiment shared by others and instead of lamenting about the lack of the options, she realised what she had to do.

Coming from a background of finance and being a budding entrepreneur, Serena quit her secure financial job to follow her passion of creating a home lifestyle brand to capture the luxury, colour and style that she found was lacking in the Australian market. With her visionary nature combined with passion and drive gave her the skills needed to choose finest textiles for bedding, along with other modern home décor items made from high-quality materials. This is how Delicors was born.

Our Promise

Capturing the essence of the designs inspired us from the travels, through Delicors we aim to bring the ideas and aesthetics that have caught our eye. We have set out to combine these beautiful designs inspired by a range of influences; from French Cestlavie, Japanese Kaizen, American Dream, Flower Dance and Urban Life, plus many more to come, with the best materials we can get our hands-on. Driven by designing and producing the best of the best and continually inspired by the already positive feedback by our customers, we take pride in being able to bring joy and happiness into people’s home with our décor.

As a brand and a company, we have a strong connection with the world around us, which is why we want to do what we can to give back and protect the world we live in. Deciding to try and reduce our carbon footprint, we only use eco-friendly materials and recyclable materials for our packaging. We also have designed a range of tote bags for awareness. Delicors is about bringing luxury, colour and style into your home, so let what was born from our passion become the inspiration behind styling your home décor.