The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

The Christmas season has arrived and it is filled with wonder, fun and excitement! Perhaps you're struggling to find the best Christmas gift for your friends and family and you have no idea where to start.

First of all - relax and take a deep breath! We've prepared an ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for you to use to get you started with some gift ideas for three of the people you may have in your life. Let's get started!

Friend Number 1: for those who love the little things in life!

These people embody what it means to be joyful! They're able to find the good in everything and are ones that encourage you to be the best version of yourselves! If you have someone like this in your life, here are some ideas of what you can get them for Christmas.

Cream Waffle Throw

Our Cream Waffle Throw is an excellent choice that will have your friends finding joy in its soft feel and creamy colour! It's a great staple for any living space and will certainly brighten up anyone's mood. This is important as these friends need to have a space that energises them as much as they energise you.


Inside My Garden Cushions

Our Sweetheart Cushion Collection is simply a delight that we love at Delicors, and the Inside My Garden Cushions are a crowd pleaser for those who love the little things in life!

These flower-shaped cushions are adorable and are perfect gifts for those who try to find the good in all things in life. They're perfect for any bedroom, living or office space, especially if you're trying to brighten your home. 


Roman Pillar Fruit Knives

Our newly added Roman Pillar Fruit Knives are simply a delight for your friends. They easily bring joy and luxury to your friends' dinner table and are the perfect accompaniment for any meal. To make it easier for you, we've added six colour choices and styles to pick to ensure you're choosing the perfect set of fruit knives for them!


Friend Number 2: the Type-A friends we depend on!

Our Type-A friends who love organisation and structure are deep underrated! They're the glue to our friendship groups, often organising events and hang outs for every one to enjoy, and they simply won't rest until everything is perfect.

If you've got some friends who get excited about showing you their Excel spreadsheet of how they organise their monthly budget, then check out our recommendations below!

Leaf Vein Cushion Cover

Your friends will find elegance and excitement in its gorgeous metallic patterns, especially since its inspired by the veins you can see in the leaves outside. Our Leaf Vein Cushion Covers are simply too aesthetic and pleasing to the eye to look away! 

Waffle Towels

Your Type-A friends also find value in what is practical and helpful at home. Gifting them the Waffle Towel Collection is a great choice. To make your gift for them sing a bit more, you can get them a face, hand and bath towel set to allow them to coordinate these towels in the bathroom!

What a delight for all of your friends who love to organise things at home!

Luxe and Rich Checkered Bedding Set

The Luxe and Rich Bedding Set is our newest and stunning addition to the end of the year. It will easily transform your friend's home into a masterpiece. 

Our checkered and diamond-patterned products work best when coordinated in a room! These bedding sets are a great foundation to use to coordinate and style their room with similar colours and patterns. 

Friend Number 3: for those who take care of everyone!

Let's give it up to the ones who raise us, or at least step in to 'raise' us in our friendship group! Whether it's a 'mum friend' or your own Mum you'd like to spoil, you'll want to get a gift that offers them the amount of love and support you receive from them. They know you inside out and offer the best advice when life gets tough.

Classic Houndstooth Bedding Collection

Ah, you can never go wrong with houndstooth! Your mum friends will simply adore the bedding's comfort, as its made with 100% long-staple cotton. It's breathable and soft to the touch of your skin, making it the obvious choice for style and usefulness at home! 

Not only that, but we also offer six gorgeous colours to choose from - any of these colours are simply a dream for all of your mum friends!

Warm Peruvian Pattern Blanket

Our newly added Warm Peruvian Pattern Blanket is a great choice as its warm colour palette offers comfort and delight. With one side featuring a gorgeous Aztec pattern and on its backside a solid, coffee colour, this is the perfect piece to offer you style and comfort all year round!

Check It Out Bathrobe Collection

Can't you already imagine your parent friends wearing a comfy bathrobe while making themselves a nice mug of tea or coffee? Our bestselling Check It Out Bathrobe is an all-time favourite that will bring them so much comfort after a long and tiring day.

Not only are they crafted with 100% long-staple cotton, offering comfort and effective airflow when wearing the, but they also come in five incredibly stylish and bold colours that will have you drooling!


Regardless of what you choose to get for them, know that these friends will value the time you take out of your day to choose a gift for them that matters to both of you. It's all about ensuring that they feel cherished and loved this year! 

If you're loving our gift ideas, shop now and get ahead of your shopping list!