The Interior Design Rug Trends for 2022 and 2023



Adding a rug to your space is an easy and effective way to update your home and add your own sense of style without having to commit to major renovations. With so many fabrics, textures and designs to choose from, the possibilities are endless so to help guide you in your design endeavours we have curated a list of the rug design trends we will be seeing from now and into 2023.



Colour Blocking

Are you looking to make a bold statement? Why not try colour blocking? Adding a rug with a punch of colour is an easy way to add some pizzazz to your space without committing to painting – making it perfect for renters or those who are perhaps a little indecisive. Look at the Moss Rug Collection for a toe-dip into the trend.



Natural Feel and Fibre

The minimalist aesthetic is not going anywhere and interior designers are embracing natural fibres, earthy tones and organic materials to create calming and ambient spaces. This trend is fast becoming a staple design so why not draw the eyes down to the floor with a textured, natural fibre rug? Look for colour palettes in white, beige, brown and ochre tones and focus on texture and subtle patterns to really speak to this trend. We love the Minimalist Arches Rug for that comfy yet stylish touch.


Layering Styles

(Image credit: The Glitter Guide)


The name of the game is texture and what better way to add dimension to your flooring than by layering two different rugs? Perfect for those who may be a little indecisive, layering pieces together is also a cost-effective way to expand your floor coverings – you can simply layer rugs side by side rather than investing in a large area rug. 

If you’re layering rugs on top of each other then opt for two opposite fabrics like jute mixed with a longer pile to create a juxtaposition and a design statement.


Odd Shaped

Organic shapes have been popular through all home accessories – mirrors, vases, plates even furniture and in 2022-2023 we are seeing this trend transition to floor coverings. 

Style doesn't have to stop in the living room – you can bring the odd-shaped rug statement in any space, even your bathroom and you can make it fun! Take a look at our Egg Rug Collection and the Delightful Clouds Rug Collection to embrace the look and add some quirky expression to your bathtime.


70's Retro

All elements of design circle back and right now we are seeing a huge revival in 70’s trends. Think bold colours like orange and ochre, checkerboard patterns, geometric shapes, shag textures and jungle prints. Now if a shag rug seems like it might be a little too high maintenance, why not try out one of our short pile Checker Rugs.


Updating your space and staying on trend doesn’t need to break the bank and with just a few simple changes you can turn your home into a statement while also being comfortable. Checkout our full range of rugs and mats and find the perfect touch for your space and feet here