Spoiling Your Other Half - Special Valentine's Day Gifts!


Love is in the air!

How wonderful and exciting it is to spend Valentine's Day! Yes, we're used to the clichéd, lovey-dovey dates as well as the heartbreaking, tearful moments. But, all in all, Valentine's Day is a great and opportune time to express gratitude towards those you love and value in your life. It's not just for the romantics, but rather for the ones who stick close to you in times of joy and hardship. 

We want you to have an incredibly loving Valentine's Day. If you're looking for great gifts that can express your love and appreciation for them, stick close and take notes!


Giving Affection - Our Top Selection of Blankets!

Everybody deserves a warm, tight hug! With our blankets, your loved ones will surely experience this all year round! 

Our Retro Checkerboard Plus Blanket in various colours (Pale Green, Misty Rose, Steel Blue, Firebrick Red and Tan)

Our Retro Checkerboard Plus Blanket is a simply gorgeous way to express your gratitude for their companionship in hard times - every time they hug this, they'll be reminded of your thankfulness and love!

Our Retro Checkerboard Plus Blanket in Firebrick laid over a bed with white bedding sheets Our Retro Checkerboard Plus Blanket in Misty Rose draped over a bed with white bedding

Another great option is our Classic Houndstooth Blanket - a soft blanket that features a timeless and stunning pattern that will bring chic into any room. It's a stylish choice for Valentine's Day that conveys all of your appreciation.

Classic Houndstooth Blanket in Black and White draped over a black, leather reading chair

Made with 100% long-staple cotton, this throw can be used as an accent to any bed, sofa or to give your partner or friend comfort while travelling.

Classic Houndstooth Blanket Throw in Champagne draped over a black, leather reading chair


Giving Cuteness - Our Adorable Cushions!

 A classic Valentine's Day gift would be gifting your loved ones something precious to cuddle! We'd opt for a selection of cushions that are cute-looking and with incredible detail.


These adorable Heart Eyes Acrylic Cushion feature an incredibly soft acrylic material on its exterior alongside a fringe of tassels to bring joy to any living space. What's even more precious is the subtle heart patterns on its exterior, immediately sending love to your partner!

What about a cushion cover? A classic and timeless pattern with a fashionable colour is the perfect duo for your friends - our Houndstooth Cushion Cover in Champagne or Black works perfect with our Classic Houndstooth Blankets.

Our Houndstooth Cushion Cover in Black offers a selection of houndstooth pattern in two differing sizes. The choice is up to you!


Giving Comfort - Gorgeous Bedding!

The bed is a special place - a haven for tears, midday naps and much more. It's always a great idea to spoil your partner or friend with a good night's rest. Lucky for you, our bedding sets are top quality and will guarantee happy smiles and restful nights!


Our Luxe and Rich Bedding Set is purely the stuff made of dreams! This bedding set employs a 'Jersey Knit' weave and contains a 300-thread count to provide you  extreme softness and effective air circulation.

Our Flora and Fauna Bedding Collection features elegant patterns celebrating our natural landscapes. We also use high-threaded cotton and sateen weave, offering extra shine and smoothness to ensure constant temperature and air circulation. It's perfect for all four seasons! Take a look at our Gold Bee Bedding Set - it's simply decadent! 


Giving Freshness - Soft Bathrobes!

Our final gift recommendation for any loved one on this holiday is a classic bathrobe. It screams, "you deserve comfort and love!" and everyone loves that! We offer two incredibly soft and popular bathrobes for you to choose in unique and trendy patterns. Take a look at our Beach Villa Striped Bathrobe Collection - it'll simply remind of you easy, breezy days on the beach after a long day.

These bathrobes are crafted with cotton terry fabric and features a looped pile style, meaning that they are designed with effective absorbency and easy drying capabilities. Absolutely gorgeous, aren't they? Our Beach Villa Striped Collection comes in Goldenrod, Forest Green and Firebrick Red - great, bold colours that will have your friends in love. 

If you're a big fan of the checkered pattern this year, then you must simply choose our Check It Out Bathrobe! 

This checkered pattern is a fun-loving and stylish pattern that knows how to make any night groovy! Gifting these gorgeous bathrobes will simply put your friends at rest after a long and busy day. They're available in five bold colours - Firebrick Red, Goldenrod, Seagreen, Rebecca Purple and Steel Blue.

 We hope you find some great inspiration for Valentine's Day! Shop our selection and more now!