Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Celebrate this special day with joy and pleasure!

Mother's Day is one of the wonderful ways we get to celebrate all mums and all of the love they give. Whether it's the mum in our friendship group or in our family, our grandmothers and soon-to be mummas, we can give the gift of love and appreciation to these lovely women for all of the effort they pour into our lives. 

Below are our recommendations for the mums in your life. If you're looking to spoil your mum and to say a huge 'thank you', you can never go wrong with these home décor faves!



Our bathrobes are one of our exciting bestsellers at Délicors, and for good reason! Made with delicate terry cotton fabric, these bathrobes are soft at its touch and are divine to soak yourself in after a long and busy day. For the mums you know in your life, we know that they work hard wearing many hats. Whether it's being a mum, a friend, a daughter, or worker, you'll know that every day is all about going to the next thing. 

Giving our bathrobes is the perfect way for them to slow down and rest whenever they can. Add this to a Mother's Day hamper with a tag reminding them to rest with a long and steamy shower and a facial mask!

The question is - what colour or pattern would you choose?!

A close-up shot of a model wearing our Classic Checkerboard Bathrobe in Rebecca Purple, with hands in pockets.



How could anyone forget our bestselling towels?! These towels, again, are made with the softest cotton fabric, ensuring great and quick absorbency for all her needs. They're the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom home décor space and will brighten her day in the best ways. 


This gift is perfect for your friends and loved ones who love cleaning or styling their bathroom or kitchen space with boldness. One thing we absolutely adore about mothers is their hidden flair for transforming their home into a comfortable and stylish sanctuary. Unleash their inner interior designer through our towels.

Pink Elementary Shapes Towel (with heart patterns) on white bedding with assortment of decorations such as a brush, pine cones, and candles.



With the Winter season approaching, it is imperative that you keep your living room spaces stocked and prepped for cold nights and movie marathons. Gift your mum the gift of preparedness with these stylish and soft blankets to drape over your couch or armchair. Even better, they're perfect as a throw blanket over the bed or in the home office if it gets too chilly at home! 

A tomato-coloured Fringed Waffle Throw draped over a bed with white bedding sheets. There is a small pumpkin decoration piece on top of the blanket throw.

Our blankets have so many uses and styles, making them an excellent choice for any gift for any mum. 

A bird's eye view shot of a white bed with a Flower Dance Blanket draped over it. It has a book on top.

Even so, you can match our throw blankets with our selection of cushions to tie the whole room together. Isn't that what mums love - when everything comes together perfectly?



The perfect coordination to every living or bedroom space comes in two things: cushions and throws. Elevate your Mother's Day gift by giving them the gift of style and excitement. 

Our Inside My Garden Cushion in Red on a windowsill with light shining on it.

Our cushions are perfect to pair off with our throw blankets to create a unified gift and home styling experience. Don't just stand there amazed - get those carts filled!

Brown Checkerboard Plus Boucle Cushion on a white, leather office chair.

While they're holding down the fort in (pretty much) all areas of your life, do your part in giving them these stylish pieces to come home to! 


Don't forget to top your gift off with a sweet hug and smile - these women deserve to be celebrated and appreciated for all that they have done to raise us. Click here to shop our recommendations.


However, while we do celebrate mothers, we understand that celebrations like these can be tough for some. To those who have these experiences, we want to celebrate YOU and to remind you that you are so, so wonderful whatever your experience with motherhood looks like. We send love to you - you are so dearly loved!