Checkmate! Your Guide On Styling All Things Checkered

Fall in love with the cutest, retro pattern on the market!

Pinterest, Tik Tok, Instagram - it's got all of the styles that everyone is raving about. One of these funky patterns include the beloved, unique checkered pattern that immediately stands out of the crowd. No, not gingham or plaid - just the classic checkered pattern you'll see on racing stripes or a chessboard!

This gorgeous checkered pattern has infiltrated into almost everything - fashion, home interior and much more. And rightly so! It's an eye-catching pattern that will elevate any outfit or living space with no troubles, but there are ways we can elegantly embed it into our styling. Here are six (yes, six!) styling tips you can try to style your home with our checkered products. 


1. Neutrals and Checkered

It's no brainer that neutral colours have become an increasingly loved colour palette for minimalists, fashion and home-styling enthusiasts. It's the perfect staple colour to dress up or down, and it is the perfect match with any checkered pattern. 

If you have a small checker-patterned product in your bathroom, such as our bestselling Check it Out Towel Collection, use neutral tones to bring sophistication and focus to your checkered products. Pairing our olive-like Sea Green colour with a warm neutral tone, such as sand, would be a fantastic duo that no bathroom space would be able to compete!

Pairing our olive-like Sea Green colour with a warm neutral tone would be a fantastic duo that no bathroom space would be able to compete!

Another great pairing would be our Checkered Plus Towel Collection in Light Coral with an eggshell white or bathroom products with a tan colour.


2. The Power of DIY

Okay, but we can't forget that a DIY or painting activity at home would be a show-stopper! We've been seeing users all over the Internet revamp plain products like vases or trinket dishes with colourful checkered patterns and we're loving it - it's another great way to embrace the checkered pattern with warmth and fun. Plus, its novelty will have your guests drooling and amazed by your artistic skills. 


3. Checkmate on the Throws!

Throwing a checkered blanket onto your couch might just be the most easiest way to elevate your living space. It offers both refreshment and comfort to your living space and is the perfect way to add a pop of colour. 

A checkered throw blanket might just be the easiest ways to elevate any living space.

Our Checkered Plus Towel Blanket is the obvious choice to effortlessly style your living space - we've got in five gorgeous colours (Light Coral, Golden Rod, Steel Blue, Black and Sea Green) to spice up your couch!


4. The Bold and the Beautiful

If you thought of the American soap opera, then let me change the meaning of the 'bold and the beautiful' for you with this tip: don't be afraid to invest in striking checkered products in bold colours to electrify your home! Pairing a couple of products in the same, striking colour is a great way to bring cohesion and excitement to your room. Take a look at this living space by Mia Martin in Munich, Germany.

Gorgeous and electrifying styling with a bright cobalt blue colour by Mia in Germany!

Our Check it Out Bedding Collection in Sea Green or Golden Rod paired with the Check it Towel Collection will tie both your bathroom and your bedroom together nicely. We know you'll love it! Even so, you can also pair these products up with some art prints and posters in the same or complementary colour!

5. Seeing Double

Who said you have to stick with just ONE colour for your checkered products? Go big or go home with a unique pairing of two colours, such as Firebrick and Golden Rod, or Sea Green and Steel Blue, or even Light Green and Golden Rod!

There are so many incredible colour combinations to try, like pairing our Check it Out Bedding Collection in Rebecca Purple with our Check it Out Towel Collection in Golden Rod.


6. Wear It

Want to bring that checkered pattern wherever you go? Our funky Check it Out Bathrobes are exactly what you need! Not only do you have the design at home, but you get to wear it every day. You're guaranteed to feel like a king or queen at home with them.


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