Autumn Styling Faves 2022 - Transform your home with ease!

Cozy nights and snuggles are coming this season and we're all for it! It's time to transform your home, once again, for the Autumn season, but perhaps this is a time where there's just so much home décor ideas in your mind that you don't know where to start! We totally understand - it can be overwhelming to choose between multiple styles and homeware products to bring that Autumn ambience at home.


Luckily for you, we have compiled our Autumn styling favourites for you to fall in love with. Check out our recommendations to get some ideas on what you'd like to incorporate at home!



We offer a variety of cushions that are perfect for the Autumn home transformation you want. 

Take a look at our Lazy Afternoon Cushion Collection championing Autumn colours in the loveliest way possible!

These orange, burnt colours will remind you of the Autumn leaves cascading down on your driveway and will offer you the greatest comfort in your midday nap.

Right now, boucle cushions and couches are trending and fit the perfect, cozy atmosphere you're aiming for this fall season. They're absolutely soft and fun to sparkle any living room space. Our Checkerboard Plus Boucle Cushion and Pumpkin Boucle Cushions have been an adorably stylish choice for fall this year and will certainly promise great styling at home!


We think checkerboard-patterned, warm-toned and -coloured, and waffle style throw blankets are your top guns for the Autumn ambience you want to achieve. Both of them offer a striking yet calming presence into your living space and compliment almost all styles, patterns and fabrics at home. Whether you need a throw blanket to drape over your living room armchair, your office space for cold days or on the side or the foot of your bed, you'll never run out of styling options with these blankets. 

Our Colours of Autumn Blanket is simply decadent and a great choice to get your room feeling like the perfect Autumn breeze! Using a combination of viscose, nylon and polyester, this blanket guarantees warmth and longevity for all cold seasons, especially for Fall.

How about our Retro Checkerboard Plus Blanket? Our selection of colours from this blanket series will calm your tired and overwhelmed mind and encourage you to take the rest you need from long and busy days. Not only that, but we guarantee that they will be the perfect companion for when you're sleeping in cold nights! 

The Tumeric Waffle Throw is simply a delight, too! It's a stellar choice if you're looking for a muted yet powerful piece to drape alongside your arm chair or the foot of your bed, and is so soft for all of your needs!



If you're looking to dress up your dining parties or your kitchen space, this is it for you. Whether you'll be having soup nights with toasted bread, or a lovingly, scrumptious bowl or pasta, you've got all you need with our dinnerware recommendations. 

For Autumn, we recommend going with classic gold selection of artisanal flatware to use to really unlock that Autumn, gold and brown aesthetic. 

Our newest Mirror Cutlery Set Collection is a special one - featuring your choice of gold or silver, these cutlery pieces can show your reflection, just like a mirror would. Isn't that so exciting?! What a fun, added bonus to your dinner parties in the Autumn season! They'll be the talk of the town and will have your friends inviting themselves over for a dinner date or two.

Another recommendation we have is our yearly bestseller - the Gold Roman Pillar Cutlery Set. It always outshines each year and stands as one of our bestsellers for incredibly powerful reasons!

These artisanal flatware sets bring a great level of sophistication and elegance to your dinner tables and are the perfect choice for Autumn.


Whatever you do, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your desire for elegance and sophistication! Shop of all our recommendations and new arrivals now